How To Get To The Beach In Stardew Valley

Alright players, in this walkthrough we are going to show you how to get to the beach in Stardew Valley. As simple as it sounds, it seems like a lot of players are getting lost, which is one of the reasons we have created this how to guide. We enjoy helping new players out so let’s get started!

Getting To the Beach By Going East

Keep in mind, there are a couple ways to get to the beach, so we’ll cover both for you. The first way we are going to show you is by going east. Just as the headline reads, you want to head east right when you step out of your home. You will continue east until you reach the Town Square. You will know you are getting close to reaching the town square when you come to actual stone paved sidewalks.

Once you are at the town square, you will want to head south on the paved stone sidewalk until it stops. At this point, the paved stone sidewalk will continue west but you don’t want to go that direction. Instead, you now want to head east or right on the screen. You will now be walking on a dirt path and around some bushes. Once you see two tower looking things head south. You should now see a bridge that goes over a small body of water. Once you cross the bridge you will reach the beach!

Find the Beach By Going South

The second way on how you get to the beach in Stardew Valley is by walking south or straight down from your farmhouse. Continue walking south until you reach Marnie’s Ranch. Once you get to Marnie’s Ranch head west all the way past the paved stone sidewalk. At this point, you should now start to see a couple pillars south of you. These two pillars are part of the bridge that you need to cross to reach the beach. Now just cross the bridge and you’ve made it!

how to get to the beach in stardew valley

If you still have questions on how to get to the beach in Stardew Valley, please leave a comment below and we’ll try to help you out. If you remember that the beach is in the southeast corner eventually you should be able to reach it. Sure, it may not be the more direct route but that’s alright. That’s what makes this game fun! Enjoy gamers.