How To Get Junimo Plush In Stardew Valley

Do you see your friends with this secrete furniture but are still wondering how to get Junimo Plush in Stardew Valley for yourself? Well, the good news is that you are not alone and we are going to tell you exactly how to get it!

Where To Find Junimo Plush

To get the Junimo Plush in Stardew Valley, you need to head over to the Northwest corner of Pelican Town and right click on the bush that is directly north of the playground. You need to do this on the 28th of any season at exactly 12:00 PM.

How to get the junimo plush in stardew valley

We do know from our own sources that the Junimo Plush has been retrieved in both the Spring and Fall months. We are confident that you can; however, get this piece of furniture during any season. If these few steps seem like a lot, it’s really not. You can do it!

We recommend on the 28th, that you head over to the northwest corner of Pelican Town early in the morning and hang out until 12. That way, you don’t risk running late and arriving at 12:01. Because if you do, you’ll have to wait another month, and no one wants to do that.

Where To Find the Junimo Plush In Stardew Valley

Hopefully, this short how to get Junimo Plush in Stardew Valley guide helped you learn how to get this secret furniture. If you still have questions, please contact us and we’ll try to help you out.