Where To Find Marnie In Stardew Valley

If you’re looking where to find Marnie in Stardew Valley then you’re in luck. You can find Marnie at the Marnie’s Ranch which is located in the northeast corner of Cindersap Forest. This is next to the southwest entrance to Pelican Town.

Marnie is a villager who runs the ranch from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. She will not be working on Monday or Tuesday. You can purchase animals and animal supplies from her.

where to find marnie in stardew valley
where to find Marnie In Stardew Valley

Locating Marnie is just the start. You will want to bring her gifts that she either likes or loves to help build your relationship with her. Be careful not to bring her gifts that she does not like or hates. This will have a negative impact on your relationship with her.

Gifts Marnie Loves To Receive

To help build your relationship with Marnie bring some of these gifts that she loves:

  • Farmers Lunch – yum yum. This meal is made with an omelet and parsnip
  • Pumpkin Pie – who doesn’t love pumpkin pie?!
  • Pink Cake – I think we’d all love to try that!
  • Diamond – Of course diamonds! We’d all take some of those.

After Locating Marnie, Give Gifts She Likes

Alright, so these gifts are also exceptable to give to Marnie. Even though they are not her favorite, she still likes them and will help build your relationship.

  • Universal Likes – yes this consists of a lot of different things so be sure to check out what this all includes
  • All eggs – Did we say all? Yes, you can give her eggs escept for the Void Egg
  • All Milk – Who doesn’t enjoy a glass of milk?
  • Quartz – Do you have a lot of quartz. Give her some and she’ll enjoy the gift.

Gifts Marnie Dislikes

  • Universal Dislikes – Yes, all of them except for clay.
  • Salmonberry – this is not like any sweet berry. This tastes like the forest. No wonder she doesn’t like it!
  • Seaweed – I don’t blame her for not liking seaweed.
  • Wild Horseradish – unless you like a little spice you wouldn’t like it either.

Gifts Marnie Hates

These gifts you shouldn’t even waste your time giving to her. Her reaction is always priceless though! If you are looking to build a relationship with Marnie, stay away from giving her these gifts.

  • Universal Hates except for seaweed. Remember, she dislikes seaweed.
  • Clay – Yes, she doesn’t want to make a mess with this resource.
  • Holly – She doesn’t like the look of this plant.

Well, if you have read this entire Stardew Valley walkthrough then you should now know where to find Marnie in Stardew Valley and know what her favorite and most hated gifts are that she likes to get. Happy gaming.