How To Return Robin’s Lost Ax Stardew Valley

If you’re new player and wondering how to return Robin’s lost ax in Stardew Valley then we have you covered. In short, you can return Robin’s lost ax at the Carpenter’s Shop, basically located straight north from Pelican Town. From your cabin, it’s not that long of a journey. However, if you’re coming from where you found the lost ax it can be a much longer journey. For this walkthrough, we will provide directions to both routes so you can find Robin at the Carpenter’s Shop quickly.

Returning Robin’s Lost Ax from the Cabin

Alright, so starting from the cabin we are going to head directly east or right. You are going to head east until you pass Pierre’s. You will walk by one pavestone walking path that goes north before you enter the town square. Once you get just past Pierre’s head north or up on the pavestone walking path.

Continue heading north up the stairs and into the grassy area. Once you reach the grassy area start walking on the dirt trail that goes northwest or upper right. You will then come to a bigger patch of dirt. Head east or right for about 10 steps then continue northwest on the dirt trail.

Eventually, the trail will bend to take you straight north or up. Continue going north until you have reached a building. The building will look like the picture below! Does it look like that? Perfect, you have reached your destination!

where to return robin's lost ax
Where To Return Robin’s Lost Ax

Returning the Lost Ax From Where you Found It

If you are at the spot where you found the ax then take this route instead. From the spot of the missing ax you want to head back northwest to the pond. Go over the two bridges and then start heading north to north east until you see Marnie’s Ranch just north of you.

Alright, at this point you should be at Marnie’s Ranch. Now head east or right on the dirt path that is just south of the fence that is keeping Marnie’s animals in. Keep heading east until you come to a pavestone path. Once you pass the home of Emily and Haley, head north on the pavestone path. Continue heading north until you reach Town Scare. Once you find Pierre’s General Store you can now use the diretions from above to find the rest of your way To Robin!

How To Return The Ax To Robin

So, when you walk into the Carpenter’s Shop, Robin will be at the front counter. If you just go up to the counter as if you were a customer, it won’t let you return the ax. So how do you return it then? Well, great question, we get it a lot. What you need to do, is walk around the counter to the left and approach Robin from behind and then press the interact key to talk with her. When you interact with Robin she will automatically say “hey you found my ax! What a relief… I almost chopped my toe off…” and so on.

Congratulations, you have not completed another achievement in your journal. If you still have questions on where to return Robin’s lost ax in Stardew Valley, please leave a comment down at the bottom. We’d love to be able to help you out so you too and achieve this task!