How To Craft a Wood Chest Stardew Valley

Hello fellow gamers looking to find out how to craft a wood chest in Stardew Valley. We have created this walkthrough guide for the very purpose you are here, because many people have asked us how to craft a wood chest.

I’d be lying if I didn’t say, you are probably over thinking it. Yes, it’s that easy; however, we are still going to walk you through it.

Step 1 On Making a Wood Chest

The first step you need to do in order to craft a wood chest is to… wait for it… yes, collect some wood! You can easily do this by either chopping the wood logs that are laying on the ground or to make it fast, chop the bigger trees down around your house. If you chop a log on the ground, I believe you get a couple pieces of wood but if you chop a tree down you can easily get over 10 pieces at a time. Chop a few trees and you may have enough wood to build the chest.

Step 2 On Building a Wood Chest In Stardew Valley

Do you have 50 pieces of wood yet? I say 50 because that is the amount you need in your backpack to build the chest. Now that you have your 50 pieces of wood you need to pull up the main menu screen. The default button to pull this screen up on the desktop version is “E”. The screen will look like this:

how to craft a wood chest in stardew valley
Stardew Valley In Game Menu Screen

3rd Step To Build The Wooden Chest In Stardew Valley

The last step you need to do is to click on the hammer icon as you see shown in the picture above. This will pull up all the available items you can craft at this particular time. As you can tell, our chest is not highlighted because at the time we created this picture we did not have enough wood in our backpack. At this current time, we only had 37 pieces of wood so we could not craft the chest. If the chest item is not highlighted for you, then you’ll need to go back and collect more wood.

If the chest is highlighted, simply click on the item and store it in your inventory! That’s it, I told you it was pretty simple! Just incase you are still confused, watch the video below on how to craft a wooden chest in Stardew Valley. It should help clean things up for you.