How To Feed Chickens In Stardew Valley

Feeding chickens in Stardew Valley is essential to keep them healthy and producing high-quality eggs. High quality chicken eggs can be sold outright; however, by using them to make other types of artisan goods you can make a lot more money. Regardless what you decide to do with the eggs, here is a step by step guide on how to feed chickens in Stardew Valley:

Steps On How To Feed Chickens In Stardew Valley

how to feed chickens in stardew valley

1. Obtain the Chickens

First, you’ll need to have a chicken coop on your farm and purchase chickens from Marnie’s Ranch for 800 gold each.

2. Build Your Own Coop

If you don’t have a coop yet, you’ll need to build one. You can purchase a coop upgrade from Robin at the Carpenter’s Shop. The basic coop can hold up to 4 animals, but you can expand it to accommodate more.

3. Grow and Gather Hay

Chickens eat hay, which you can obtain by using a scythe to cut grass on your farm or in the wild. The cut grass will turn into hay, and you can collect it by walking over it. Make sure you have enough hay in your silo to feed your chickens during the winter when grass doesn’t grow.

4. Feeding the Chickens:

: Once you have hay, you need to put it in the feeding trough inside the chicken coop. To do this, right-click on the trough (or use the appropriate button on your controller) while holding the hay in your inventory. The hay will automatically be distributed to the chickens, and they will eat from the trough.

5. Let the Chickens Outside:

During the day, if you have a fully upgraded coop, you can let your chickens outside to forage. They will eat grass and bugs, reducing the amount of hay they consume. To open the coop door, click on it, and chickens will come out if they’re happy and the weather is suitable.

6. Check for Eggs:

Chickens will lay eggs every morning if they are happy and well-fed. You can collect the eggs by interacting with the chickens, which will allow you to pick up the eggs they’ve laid.

7. Pet and Keep Your Chickens Happy:

Interacting with your chickens daily by petting them will increase their happiness. You can also give them special attention and treats to increase their affection. Happy chickens are more likely to produce higher-quality eggs.

8. Naming Chickens:

You can give your chickens names to make them more personal. To name a chicken, right-click on it and choose the “Name” option.

10. Auto-Grabber (Optional):

As you progress in the game, you can obtain an Auto-Grabber, which automatically collects products like eggs from your animals, reducing the need for manual collection.

Well there you have it. Just 10 simple steps to show you how to feed chickens in Stardew Valley. Remember to always keep hay in the feeding trough and take care of your chickens to ensure they stay healthy and productive.

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