How To Catch a Flounder In Stardew Valley

This walkthrough guide is going to show you how to catch a Flounder in Stardew Valley. Catching this fish isn’t the most difficult thing to do in this game; however, there are a few tips that you need to stick to in order to make this happen. This specific question gets asked a lot because one of the first journey quests requires you to catch a Flounder. If you are new to the game, like we were at one time, then you most likely don’t know where to start. That being said, let’s get started!

Catching a Flounder In The Ocean

As you may be aware of, there are many places to fish in Stardew Valley including small ponds, bigger lakes and the ocean. So the first thing you need to know is where does the Flounder fish live? If you try fishing in one of your small ponds, it doesn’t matter how long you spend time fishing, you will never catch a Flounder.

The Flounder is a fish that lives in the ocean so the only place you can catch it is in the ocean! If you don’t where the ocean is, check out our how to get to the beach walkthrough.

how to catch a flounder in stardew valley

What Time Can You Fish For the Flounder

The second tip you need to know to be successful at catching the Flounder is knowing the time you can catch them. Try fishing late at night and you won’t have any luck. So, what is the timeframe for success? The answer to your question is any time between 6am to 8pm.

The last tip you need is that you can only catch a Flounder in the Spring and Summer months. Well, that’s it! If you use these three helpful tips then you shouldn’t have a problem catching a Flounder. However, if you still don’t understand how to catch a Flounder in stardew valley then please contact us and we’ll try to help you out.