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Popular How To Stardew Valley Questions

How To Get Junimo Plush

If you’d like to find this secret furniture item than this complete how to Stardew Valley guide will help you.

How To Craft a Wood Chest

Wondering how to build a wood chest? No worries, this walkthrough guide will show you how to do that!

How To Return Robin’s Ax

Wondering where to return Robin’s Lost Ax? Check out this walkthrough for help!

How To Catch a Flounder

Need to catch a flounder? This walkthrough will show you how to be successful at doing that!

Popular Where To Stardew Valley Questions

Where to Find George

George is a grump old guy, but can be a valuable friend. Find out where to find him with this where to guide!

Where to Find Marnie

Marnie runs her own ranch where you can buy seed and animals. Find out where to find here here!

Where To Find Robin’s Ax

If you can’t find Robin’s lost ax then this how to walkthrough guide will walk you right to it. Enjoy your journey!